Parkoló Pláza foglalás: 06/20 404 9339
PARKOLO PLAZA AND OPEN-AIR PARKING! ONLY 5 MINUTES from Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport!!

Pricing in 2019!

Covered Garage

1. Day
3.000 HUF
2. Days
5.000 HUF
3. Days
6.000 HUF
4. Days
7.000 HUF
5. Days
8.000 HUF
6. Days
9.000 HUF
7. Days
10.000 HUF
8. Days
11.000 HUF
9-10. Days
13.000 HUF
11-12. Days
15.000 HUF
13-14. Days
17.000 HUF
15-16. Days
19.000 HUF
17-18. Days
21.000 HUF
19-20. Days
23.000 HUF
21-25. Days
26.000 HUF
26-31. Days
28.000 HUF

Open air parking

1. Day
2.800 HUF
2. Days
3.200 HUF
3. Days
3.800 HUF
4. Days
4.400 HUF
5. Days
5.000 HUF
6. Days
5.500 HUF
7. Days
6.000 HUF
8. Days
6.600 HUF
9. Days
7.300 HUF
10. Days
7.900 HUF
11. Days
8.200 HUF
12. Days
8.700 HUF
13. Days
9.500 HUF
14. Days
10.500 HUF
15--20. Days
11.000 HUF
21-31. Days
15.000 HUF
Here you can reservate quickly and easily!
Please contact us by phone if you arrive within 8 hours!
We can not accept reservations from yahoo emails!


Please check the entered data!

Every day or part thereof is subject to a parking charge. We offer Airport Transfer for free! Customers arriving from the airport between 24.00 and 03.00 and customers leaving a car in the park after 22.00 are not charged for the day in question. 

Every day or part thereof is subject to a parking charge. Prices include TAX and Airport Transfer! Customers arriving from the airport between 24.00 and 03.00 and customers leaving a car in the park after 22.00 are not charged for the day in question. 

FERIHEGY PARKING -Budapest Airport parking



In case of garage parking, your car keys must give to us because of fire safety regulations!

Here airport parking is safe.

The Parking Plaza has extremely good prices for all those seeking parking places near Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport and Ferihegy. Our car park is less than 3 km from the airport, and a FREE 24-hour bus transfer takes our customers back and forth.

By using our Services you can be sure that your car is 100% secure. You needn’t worry about the possibility of theft, or weather conditions, either.


  • Open NON-STOP
  • Garage 1400 sq.m., open-air parking 3000 sq.m.
  • Airport transfer both ways everyday
  • Guarded fenced car park built to a high standard
  • Site protected with security cameras and security patrol
  • Payment by cash on the spot, credit cards are not accepted!

The Parkolo Plaza airport car park, is easily accessible from the M1, M7, M5 and M3 motorways via the M0.


Booking /Parking places can be booked online, on our website:

All you have to do is give a couple of details on our ONLINE booking interface. The entire booking process takes a few seconds, thus saving you valuable time!

General information:

  • Parking fees shown on our webpage include VAT. No hidden charges – you can calculate exactly the sum to be paid.
  • 15-20 minutes after arriving in the car park you can be at the desired terminal at Ferihegy. Please allow for this time when planning your journey.
  • After your return flight call the telephone number on your parking card, and within minutes we will be at the airport to transfer you back to your car.
  • The car park is easy to reach from anywhere in Hungary, on the M0 from the M1, M7, M5, and M3 motorways. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Use the maps on our website to plan your journey to us – it’s simple! If your telephone can read QR codes, the code on our webpage will show you in seconds how to get to us.

The car park is continuously monitored by security cameras, in addition to which a regular security patrol is made, thus guaranteeing you the most secure car park near Ferihegy.


Departing planes

Arriving planes

Car Parks approach - plan your way by clicking here then enter your start address

Car Parks approach From Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport, keeping on Üllői road to 4th main road and at the junction of the double roundabout, exit to the direction of Vecsés.
Car Parks approach from the M0 highway: arriving from the M3, on 37th km mile post to the exit of Gyál, from the M5 highway at 37th km mile post to the exit of Vecsés.
Parkoló Pláza foglalás: 06/20 404 9339
Parkoló Pláza
2220 Vecsés, Széchenyi utca 56.
Tel.: 06 20 404 9339
GPS Latitude: 47° 24' 25.7"
Longitude: 19°14' 15.3"